Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off for a Holiday

So we're off to Cameron Highland for a 3 days 2 nights holiday..all of us will be there..wait for the entry on the activities during the holiday..checklist :

  • Strawberry Farm in Taman Sedia - for the homemade ice-cream, jam, cordial, topping and most important thing is self-plucking the strawberries
  • Sungei Palas Tea Plantation - for the nice hot tea, scones, pies and breathtaking scenary
  • Kea Farm - for the fresh veges, flowers and all sort of fresh things at cheap price!
  • Brinchang Nite Market - for the all sorts off thing available at more cheaper price!
  • others will be thought later..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Ride

We pimped Adam's ride to red..naahh..its just we fixed the red cover for stroller..he hates his baby carrier..he now likes to sit upright..even during meal and milk time..although its a little large for him he loves it!..but for me..he looks very uncomfortable..and he seems lost when he sits in his stroller..the belt covered his cute face..i think i should buy the stroller pad for him..

Now..every morning opah had to bring him out for a stroll before breakfast and sleep..all in the stroller..i really mean it..he slept peacefully in his red ride..When his cousin played with his stroller..he kept his eye on him just like an eagle watching its prey..and he likes his stroller near everytime his awake..

Both me and the husband are happy he likes it..Worth the money spent..Below are the pictures of him in his red ride..Please don't be fool by his expression..i tried to take him out but he does'nt want to..he push my hands cute!

Look how he had to slouch himself

His cute face covered by the belt

Strolling with the cousins

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday with Family

This week it is Mr Husband turn to work on its just me and Adam and the rest heading to Abang's house in Seremban..just to pay a's been a long time since our last visit..Adam was so excited..he's always excited everytime he's in the car..jumping up and down all the's like his feet are attached with springs..heee..

Relaxing on the swing under the tree

Had lunch there and relaxing a bit...Adam watched while the kids were feeding their newborn bunnies..and he starts to get excited and licking and sucking his hands..cute!!

Newborn bunnies

Feeding time

He's getting excited by seeing the bunnies being fed

He slept all through the journey home..tired i we arrived home he get cranky..maybe he starts to feel lonely because the number of people becomes lesser..he so loves attention!

My Baby Boy

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Red Devils are in Town!

The Devils are in town again..this time around Mr Husband don't want to miss the watch his team live in action..he planned the game trip with Mr. Z and friends..

The day of the match he went early to avoid jam and all..and he wore his red jersey..everything is about red that day..

But me and Adam also get to watch the match live!..on tv..heh..more relax..but i guess only the fanatics knows the rush of being there in are some of the piccies from him..

Too bad he sat at the second last row of the stadium..i think my view from the tv are much much more better than his..

But what i will remember is this.. "kene kumpul duit nak g tgk ManU playing at home" ehehehe..

The Stadium

The proud 2nd last row seater

All in Reds

Players marching in

Too small too appreciate

I guess this is when the Malaysian scored

The cooling down session

Sunday, July 19, 2009

When Something Goes Up..

Went for an appointment at the hospital..and something goes up reaching the sky..and in I go to the's just for a night..missing my boy terribly..

And now I'm back on my feet again..feeling super active..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Surrender ... fullstop

I've been coughing like a mad woman for weeks now..and finally i surrender myself to be sick..and went for a visit to the doctor..and i get the awaited 'love' letter from him..eheheheh..along with some medications for the throat..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jalan- jalan Cari Makan ~ ChengHo Restaurant

Last saturday..we..the whole family went to celebrate my sis's & bro's birthday..planned to celebrate my nephew's as well but he have this motivation camp at school..this time around we tried the much publicised ChengHo restaurant owned by Amy Search..
the Signage

ChengHo himself welcoming the guest

As we entered the restaurant..the ambience is just like entering a chinese restaurant since it is a chinese restaurant..but a muslim chinese restaurant..the setting up of the table is also chinese like..the wall decorated with pictures of chinese muslims and also the map sketched by ChengHo during his journey..

The food we can choose either to take ala carte or set..we opt for ala carte..there's endless list of food to choose..from soup to tofu..and even dessert.. they even serve shark's fin soup!! yumm!!

we ordered tomyam for soup..and followed by sizzling tofu (2 serving)..

the Kung Pao Chicken..

Stir fry Asparagus with oyster sauce..

And the main dish was the steam fish..the house special recipe..

All in all it was a satisfying eating trip..the food was superbly delicious.. The bill came up to a total of RM200 ++ for 10 pax..i think that worth it enough..don't you think so?? why not visit ChengHo at Wangsa Maju (behind Carrefour Wangsa Maju) to experience their foods yourself??

My excited boy because of his first outing after the swine flue outbreak

Mine and my baby boy's

Anyways.."Happy Birthday to Abang..Akak and Along!!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The One With The King Of Pop Memorial Service

So yesterday me and the husband watch the rerun of MJ's Memorial.. at 1st it was kinda ok with me..with all the singing of familiar songs..

but the heartwrenching moment came when his daughter, Paris, 11 years old gave her final farewell.. it goes like this in between her sobs "Ever since i was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.. i just wanted to say i love him so much" and she broke down.. and i did too..

MJ's Children during the service (picture courtesy of

this scene makes me think.. a lot! will my baby boy say the same thing about me?? will he?? am i the best mother in the world for him??i think thats just me being paranoid after the hospitalization episode..

My baby boy during an early morning feeding

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The One With The Baby Appointment

Today is Adam's monthly appointment to the governments' clinic..his gaining weight..and became longer..his immunisation is up to appointment will be another 2 months..

today he got the Hep B 3rd dose..he cried with all his might during the first prick of the needle..but after that he just kept quiet..

the main thing is his a happy baby boy!! hip hip!! hooraaayy!!

please excuse his piratey features..its his nails..we have to cut it deep so that it wouldn't leave any scars went he scratches his face unconsciously..

This little pirate of ours

The happy boy after his appointment

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The One With The Main Gate

Yesterday when me and the husband came home..the main gate of the house was wide open..could be any person forgot to close guess..thats common..however..the parents told us that an accident happened in the of the neighbours' car parked just outside the house slammed our seems that the wife forgot to pull the handbreak after parking the no automatic gate can get through that big last nite we slept with the main gate not sleeping very well..feeling unsafe..the result..feeling groggy this morning because of not enough sleep..urrggghhh..

The gateless casa..thanks to the faithful satria for being the gate replacement

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The One With The Happy Boy

This little boy has been very cheerful and happy after the surgery..i guess he was in pain all this while that we didn't realise..alhamdulillah for everything..and he now likes to play with his fingers..i guess he likes to count? no??!

The cheerful boy

Counting fingers

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The One With The 'Cekgu Kechik'

While carrying him watching my sister drying her sister saw this rotan..(not sure which one of the nephews or niece kept it there)..and handed it to my little boy..he held it confidently like a cekgu disiplin..and gave me a couple of swing with this small but dangerous thing called rotan.. and the husband got his share also..mebe he dreams of being a 'cekgu kechik' just to torture students like his mama back in school days..

Happy to be the one holding the powerful object

His face while holding the object that can rule the entire household

Struggling while the husband tries to take his powerful object

Showing his powerful face

With his final warning to the entire household

Friday, July 3, 2009

The One With The Chick Magnet

Ahahahha..can i called my baby boy Magneto?? it's not that he attracts anybody..but i think his smile will always seal any works on me and the husband!! infact the whole family..

I saw this romper during an outing with the husband..and i couldn't put it down..and paid for it..last time it is too large for's still large for him now but what the heck! can't wait for him to wear it..and i put on him today..and he seems cheekier today..i guess whatever written on his shirt will effect his mood..

The cheeky Magneto

Cute feet and drumsticks

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The One With The Collections

The husband convinced me that this collection of his will be the father-son collections in future..i hope not!! if the little one follows his father's step then we'll be running out of space to showcase all their collections..i think we still can manage for the time being..anyone facing the same thing with your guys?? do share..

pictures below are some of the collections that i manage to kidnapped for photographing..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The One With The First Post

i plan for this post to be earlier..but unfortunately.. my beloved adam was hospitalised..

it all started on Sunday..lepas maghrib tuh.. Adam kept on crying..a screaming like..ingatkan kembung dan yg seangkatan dengannya..around 10 mcm tu..kitorang rush to Emergency Ampang Putri since itu yg plg dekat..skali he was diagnosed with hernia a.k.a angin pasang.. his bibird was very hard..i was very worried and scared for my son..since kat Ampang Putri takde Paeds surgeon we were refered to Paeds GH..but i didn't want to go to Emergency GH..tau-tau je la..a screaming baby at Emergency GH doesn't go along..heee..the nice doc at Ampang Putri contacted the Paeds Surgeon at Paeds GH and we were immediately asked to go straight to one of their was around 12-ish..Adam tgh tedo mase sampai..since kene warded so they need to take his weight..terjage laa mamat tu..luckily tak nanges..and he was in okay mood..

Dalam kol 1 lebeh the doc dtg to check on Adam..skali bukak diapers nak check his bibird... but there seems nothing wrong..hmmm..pulak since they have this policy of not discharging especially baby at midnight..terpaksela kitorang berkampung at the hospital..even the husband slept there..we shared a single bed while adam have his own baby cot..

Esoknya pulak the specialist datang tapi they suggested to operate Adam since it is more dangerous if the surgery done during emergency..we as in me and the husband agreed to the doctor's suggestion to do the surgery the next day..i was terified..tak rasa relaks langsong the whole day..nak makan pon tak lalu..

Petang tu the anaest datang nak jumpe..and he told us on how the procedure will be..and what kind of anaest would be given to Adam..he will be put to sleep and be given local anaest so he wont feel the paint..and... kene puasa..aduihh...camane la mamat kenit ni nak puasa..dah la his milk time frequent skang especially day time..his last meal would be around 2 a.m..

i'm all alone..with a cranky baby that night since the husband tak boleh tedo situ berjaye jugak pujuk Adam to sleep terpaksa la saya jadi sleeping sack dia..

Esok tu around 10-ish Adam was called to the OT..i felt sicked..mostly around the stomach area..while waited to be called..i talked alot with my baby.. when his name was called.. i carried to OT2 where he was given the sleping gas..i'm the one accompanying him since only one of us can do the husband asked to go with Adam..he struggled at first..and i started to panicked.. will my baby hates me once he's woken up?? janganlaa..once the gas starts to take effect on him..he sleeps..then i was asked to wait outside with the husband..there on i just can't sit still..i walked around alot!! i mean a very lot!.. tak tentu arah je rase.. i think the husband felt the same..he try to joke that didn't work at all!!

Sharp at 11.15 i was called to the OT baby has been wheeled out and his still sleeping..alhamdulillah..everything went well..then the nurse called him to wake him up..he moves and he cried and struggling..rasanya mcm sambung balik marah sebelum tedo td..siap tolak my body rejecting ME! mase tu macam nak nanges pon ade..but i remain calm..i saw the husbands face from the window..he seems worried at Adam reactions..skali the anaest kluar from OT tengok adam nanges die kasik balik wad..there die still nak dukung jugak..eheheh..still nil orally..lg laa bad mood mamat i have to introduced to him the wonders of a works miracle people!! die tros diam and tedo..but this is a once in a lifetime punya experience ye more pacifier after this..

So now everything is okay and Adam is safely home and back to his usual self..laughing and talking very LOUDLY..but the mama yang lack of sleep.. have to make -up for it.. daa~

presenting the backside of the patient while sleeping