Friday, July 23, 2010

My Dear Cheeky Boy

 This is the latest pictures of Adam doing his cheeky face when i ask him to smile for a picture.. how can i resist not to kiss or bite him??!!

His now in the phase of talking (eventhough he still can't walk on his own..still needs support from us..but progressing well in that area..) Some of the words by him..

Mama  ::  Mama
Papa  ::  Papa 
Opah  :: Opah 
Akik  ::  Aki
Ummi  :: Ummi (my sister)
Ninik  :: Nenek
Kakak Is  :: The helper
Mpak  :: Nampak
Ampu  :: Lampu
U-pah  :: Tumpah
U-ya  :: Bola
Kukuk  :: Chicken
Mamam  :: Eat
Ayii  :: Water
I-kang  :: Fish
Se-se  :: Milk

and couple of other words.. and he knows how to count also up to 10 in english and malay.. and sings too!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nursara Jameela

This entry is dedicated to my beloved newborn niece.. The latest news is she will be named Nursara Jameela.. such a sweetling.. I so love seeing and holding babies.. Luckily Adam is not jealous at all.. he even call Sara cute! Just can't wait for her to be home.. So that the house can smell of a baby again..

She was born here

Her Stats

So loving the cheeks!.. ooohh.. and the lips..

She opened her eyes for me.. weeee!

Cute toes

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to the world!

Fresh from the oven ~ minutes after she was born

1 day old

My sister's have given birth to a beautiful 3.2 kg baby girl @ Ampang Puteri close to midnight on Friday 16th July 2010..Both of them are in good health..

Here i would like to welcome the 2nd princess of 8 princes & 2 princesses in the family..and to my use-to-be only niece, Kirin.. you no longer hold the throne.. you must learn how to share.. heee!

~ Toodles!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Hectic Sunday

Paya Serai, PJ Hilton [picture : google]

The husband had a meet-up at Paya Serai, PJ Hilton for & Adam as usual would be accompanying him.. Adam was enjoying his walking session..Papa enjoy his time with his friends.. while me enjoyed eating.. But all i can say is..the food was not as good as it was before.. It was said that Paya Serai's buffet was one of the great buffet in KL area.. with lots of choices (this one i heard comments from everybody i asked..including my father)..but sure as hell was dissapointed because whenever i went for another round at the buffet table.. i have to think hard of what to take.. The judgement : not worth for the amount paid.. sorry!

After that we went for a birthdat party at cousin's granddaughter turn 1.. She's a cutie..Adam was already tired by then.. he just sat enjoy the party.. Below are the picture from the birthday girl's mother.. Thanx Na for the invite! the food was great!

Adam & the birthday girl ~ Yaya

Video of Adam & Yaya with special appearance of the birthday girl's sister ~ Dina

~ Toodles!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Family Member Engagement Ceremony

 Eating arrangements for the day

 Brotherly love

 Getting ready

 Happy Adam said.."Oooooo..Canteknyeeeee!"

 Discussion in progress

My cousins' daughter got engaged today.. it was just a simple ceremony attended by a couple of family members from our side and the man's side.. Alia was beautifully done by her cousin..another cousin's daughter.. I love the simple ceremony..the dress..and most importantly the hantarans..

 The guest

 The engaged couple

 This girl wanted to join eating but the tables were full

The climax of the ceremony where the soon-to-be MIL put on the ring on her soon-to-be DIL.. (i missed to take picture during the sarung cincin time) during the makan-makan time..there were a surprise for the girl that got engaged..because it was her birthday!! there were cake and everybody sang for her.. Adam joined too!! never knew he can sing a "Happy Birthday Song".. I missed taking picture during this time too because i was too stunned to hear my son's singing happy birthday..

 Hantaran from the girl's side

 Hantaran from the man's side

 The newly engaged with their hantarans

 The handsome couple

Adam as usual excited especially when he sees the swimming pool.. but it was raining and its not proper to swim during a ceremony like that infront of all the time maybe ok Adam??


Saturday, July 3, 2010

KL Birdpark

Initially i planned to visit KL Birdpark with Tini & DN.. but she cancelled it.. then on Saturday morning the husband ask me to get ready for a morning walk at the park with Adam.. so i just get dress in my simplest attire for a morning walk..

 Free-flying birds at the park
Surprisingly.. the husband brought us to the KL Birdpark..we were among the earliest.. Adam was pretty excited because he can practice walking..but we brought along his tricycle.. as we entered he did not notice the birds around him..he's more excited to see all the fishes in the pond..

 Experiencing the Birdpark VIP way

Looking at the fishes

Hungry fishes

Feeding the fishes

Feeding the bird with fish food

I guess along the way he realised that the birds are the main attraction there and he started chanting "kukuk..kukuk" which means birds or chicken for him.. but all the birds did not catch his attention as he's more engrossed with walking..i don't know where did he get his energy from..

 Exercising with papa

We also took a picture with the birds at the photo booth..Adam though the keeper was giving him the birds when he put a bird on the husband's lap..and try to touch the i had to hold his hands..and can be seen in the picture..

Pit stop

Taking turn

After an hour walk we took a pit stop at a bench somewhere near the waterfall aviary zone.. there he dunk a couple of ounces of his milk with a watchful eyes of some of the birds there.. Then we continued to the nursery were we can hold little chicks and ducklings.. After that went to feed the ostriches.. Adam was really excited..he kept on smiling whenever the birds took his offerings.. and he kept on asking for more food to give.. i was the one whose afraid that the bird would bit his hands off..

 Chicks at the nursery

 Trying to hold the chicks

 Feeding the ostriches

It was almost lunch time when we left the park and only realised that we did not have our breakfast yet except for Adam..he had an early breakfast.. So we had lunch cum breakfast at Tanglin Foodcourt.. and i had the famous ikan bakar..i love the air assam but the fish were burnt on the outside but undercooked on the inside.. not to my liking.. sorry..

~ Toodles!