Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Outing 2012

This is the first time..
eversince i work in this office..
that any event concern family was held for our division..
there were once for the whole department..
then..that it..
this year the director proposed to host an outing..
an activity to get to know the divisions' staff family..

the whole process was hectic..
me and couple of others are in-charged of doorgifts and prizes..
in the end..
we were the ones doing all the work..

Our room turn madness..
full of and prizes..
for the whole of last week it doesn't look like an office..
it really look like a storage area..

Paya Indah Wetland

we planned for the outing to be at Paya Indah Wetland..
started early in the morning..
with everybody brought their portion of food..
since the theme was pot-luck..
me..the one that have to travel far chose to bring aiskrim malaysia..
i made bandung, sarsi and laici flavour..
larrriissss i tell u..

morning exercise

Had several activities.. such as..
some games for the kids..
lucky draw..
feeding hippopotamus*..
and then feeding the crocodiles*..
then its back to eating..
and then some games for the adult..
games for families..
and finally prize giving..
the highlight was tapauing and the food..

kids activity

hungry crocodiles
after the animal feeding session
family activity.. something to do with apples
another family activity.. separating yellow & orange
happy little Hud
me in action in one of the activity
the longest wins
giving away some toy/game

It sure was fun event..
hope more event to come..
but seriously..
no more being the one handling all those gifts..
i rest my case there and then..

luckily i won something.. heeee
Little Adam and Mr. AZ was there also..
but little Adam was cranky all the way..
he was a-okay at the crocodiles..
but started to get cranky again after that..
he was sleepy i guess.. because from the trip back to our picnic spot..
he slept.. and only woke-up on our way back home..
so.. no pictures of him for most of the activities..
* we didn't feed the animals..
only we were there while they were fed..

final pictures from us..

all the pictures are from an officemates' son..
I didn't know how to link him.. but i did get the mothers' permission to publish this..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet for My Sweet

 I think it's that time of the month..
because me mouth is craving for something sweet..
than I remembered this cheese tart by a friends' sister..
ordered a box..
and wait patiently..

and yesterday she called..
and said..
my box of sweet scrumptious tart will be coming my way tomorrow (which is today!!)

and now..
it's with me..
and am drooling all over the box..
still thinking on eating..
wait to share it with Mr. AZ??

Maybe I should taste every flavour..
just to be sure that it's perfect for sharing..

Thanx BeautifulLife...
Just wait for my next sweet momont to come!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Makan - Makan || Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda Putrajaya

A former colleague came to the office and requested something western for lunch.. since office ni adalah sangat western food.. so off we go.. the nearest place is none other than...where else??!! ALAMANDA..

On the way.. she suggested Manhattan Fish Market.. i dont have any preferences or any cravings at the moment.. gave a yes.. anyways.. it's been quite some time since my last visit to this market..

It's nice to have something different once in awhile.. and was very nice catching up with her.. but korum tak cukup!! 2 orang takde.. Next time we make sure that all of us are in the office for another catching up session..

These are our lunch for that day.. that meal was suggested for 3 person.. but we couldn't manage to finish and tapaw close to half of the portion.. maybe next time will order that meal if 5 of us are there.. just order extra drinks..

it's hard for me to get the word at first sea-crate?? oouhhh.. its se-cret.. get it??
the person with a crave
lunch for 3
centre piece
mushroom soup
the star.. flaming something-something..ahahahhaha..

The Manhattan Fish Market is located on the 1st floor of Alamanda..
and it is outside near the fountain..
the outlet is located between Sushi King and i think Secret Recipe..
from inside Alamanda..
if you saw Nando's, Big Apple Donut, Secret Recipe..
that means you're real close..
good at giving directions am I??!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All Wet

This picture was the picture of yesterday heavy downpour..
while on the way back from the office..
KL-Putrajaya (MEX) Highway..
i think somewhere near Bukit Jalil..
Terrrrrrrrrible traffic jam!
my boss took emergency leave today..
her house affected by the flood..
happy?? pity??

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Adam & Tennis || Video

These are 2 videos of little Adam while playing tennis..
Actually there is another video..
longer video..
and much more antics from him..
his loud too in that video..
but quite difficult to load since it is very long..
once i manage to shorten it..
i'll try to upload it again..
would love to share that video of him..
very cute of the way he try to imitate the father playing tennis..

he's quite talkative..
but turn shy once he realised he's being watched..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Adam & Tennis

this is the extra racket for little Adam.. excuse the string terputus..

Mr. AZ missed playing tennis..
(eventhough he played tennis once a week!!)
he's been giving hints on this..
So last nite he asked me to get ready..
me & little Adam..
to follow him..
i ask him..
"where to?"
he said..
"special place"
I guess I was too excited to even care where..
I put on my simplest where..
The difficult part was to change little Adam..
he refused to change..
Mr. AZ said
just let him be with his #8 Harimau Malaya jersey..
then off we go..
He drove us to an indoor tennis court..
so he tricked me into thinking we were going to a special place..
instead he brought us to watch him play??!!
great plan..
then we were joint by my nephew..
and later they start playing..
with another 2 player..
it seems like forever for me..
with little adam being as restless as he is..
it was raining heavily outside..
and all i can hear was little adam mumbling
and people scream/ shout while serving..
when Mr. AZ finished..
he was join by little Adam on the court..
9 p.m session was the last session of the day..
before the court closes..
so we had sometimes for ourselves before everybody finished their game..
these series are picture of
Mr. AZ trained his little tennis player..

At first, I have to accompany him..
quite a shy character little Adam have..
ikut sape??!!
After a little warm up..
he was confident..
he starts shouting just like he was playing tennis..
next entry i'll share the video..
of little Adam playing tennis..


It was a great experience..
and good exercise..
but a little tired..
luckily today is Saturday..