Tuesday, July 31, 2012

11th Ramadhan 1433H

Today we arrived home feeling happy.. my sister have already finished preparing the food for Iftar.. So we don't have to think on what to eat.. Apart from the dish that my sister cooked, some were also given by my cousin.. So here's what we had for our Iftar..

lamb stew
chilli to be eaten together with the stew
chicken kurma
fish fritters - tilapia
3 rasa sauce
fish soup
sambal goreng
ginger chicken
stir fry long beans
ikan pekasam with bawang & cili padi
murtabak singapore

Monday, July 30, 2012

10th Ramadhan 1433H

Another set of menu for Iftar.. It's only been 10 days of Ramadhan.. but we are already blurred on what to cook for everybody.. please help.. these are our menu for today..

another round of masak lemak
sambal goreng
ikan keli goreng
ikan pekasam
stuffed cucumber soup
steam vege
fresh mint
orange cordial

Sunday, July 29, 2012

9th Ramadhan 1433H

These are our menu for Iftar for the 9th day we observe Ramadhan..

masak lemak ikan
sambal udang
ikan goreng
ikan pekasam with bawang & cili goreng
sayur kangkung
ikan bilis & cili padi tumbuk
spaghetti bolognese

While waiting for Iftar, I made this dessert from apple.. I cook the cut apples with sugar and water.. and then I wrap the caramelized apples with dumpling sheets.. and then fry.. there you go an express apple pie..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

8th Ramadhan 1433H

Menu for Iftar today were mostly reheated from yesterday's..

fried macaroni
sambal sotong kering
sambal terung
sayur masak lemak
salad tauhu

Friday, July 27, 2012

7th Ramadhan 1433H

Our dishes today are of my doings.. I was asking the sister on how she cook her sotong rendam to be so soft.. Because most of the sambal sotong kering I had were a little bit hard.. She assumed that I was craving for that sambal hence she prepare all of the ingredients.. So lucky being me huh?? My sister even cook the dishes for me.. heee.. thanks akak..

star dish - sambal sotong
sambal sardin
vege + fishball

fired fish
tofu salad + spicy sauce
stuffed cucumber soup
red rubby
orange cordial

Thursday, July 26, 2012

6th Ramadhan 1433H

For today's Iftar we had a lot of additional dishes from my cousin apart from our full table spread.. So we had a lovely and lively Iftar.. with the kids enjoying the moment and the adult enjoying the food.. And today I notice that little Adam love catfish so much.. he managed to finished 3 medium size catfish all by himself.. that with a full stomach after his dinner..

telur masak kicap
sambal sardin
ikan tongkol masak singgang
sambal udang
sayur masak lemak
steam vege & fishball
sayur kacang+kangkung+fishball
ayam masak thai
sausage salad
ikan keli goreng
daging salai masak cili
pulut mangga