Thursday, June 30, 2011

Autobots! Roll Out!

Semalam had a nite out with Mr. AZ and couple of friends (Janggeltrekker Life & BeautifulLife) & Double A the paper.. Actually i participated in Double A's fb contest to watch Transformers 3.. secured 2 tix for and Mr. AZ.. Eventhough the event was on working day.. we made it a point that this is TRANSFORMERS.. we grew up with the cartoon series..

It was jammed all the way from the office to OU.. but manage to arrived there (with parking and all) with 30 minutes to spare before the screening..Our tix have been collected earlier so there's no rush there..To our surprised (after seeing our tix) the screening is on 3D..weeehooo!! Thanx Double A!

Before entering the cinema, we shopped a little at the titbits counter (since we haven't had out dinner yet) and then collected our 3D glasses.. At the cinema entrance we were given goodie bags.. Thanx again Double A!

About the movie.. I wouldn't elaborate much because I don't wanna be the spoiler.. all in all the movie was d*mn cool.. full with action..i soooo love and so loving it.. from my opinion it's better that TF2.. ouuhh and McDreamy was there but he was the villain!! i hate! 

Monday, June 27, 2011


Me and Mr. AZ have run out of places to bring little Adam to..not that little Adam have been to every place in KL.. but we were run out of places that we can think of other than the shopping malls.. still we went to one of the shopping malls.. its KLCC.. instead of the normal window shopping.. we went for the Petrosains adventure.. 
Me and Mr. AZ enjoy the experience.. but i guess the place is not suitable for little Adam's age.. too complicated or too technical.. ehheheh.. he only enjoy when he saw balls and cars..  and he also enjoys the experiencing the adventure in his own way..but it was a new experience i can say.. a family time well spent.. ohh.. and during our visit there were some renovation and it was the f1 fever theme.. thats why Mr. AZ was happy and most of the pictures were of them in racing cars..

earlier part of the adventure

hop on the digger

one of the dinosaurs

drilling machine


little Adam in one of the racing cars

Mr. AZ in one of the paid ride

both of them in another racing car

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sneak Peak || White Room Studio Shoot

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girl Power!!

Received a notification from my alma mater on facebook that our school band won the NATCOMP 2011 South Zone Preliminary Round.. after watching the video.. i feel like I'm 17 again and I'm at the school field watching the band practicing every evening.. and I feel very very proud..

So girls.. congratulations on the win and good luck for the finals!!

Here I share with you guys STF band performance during the regionals.. ouuhh.. I forgot to mention that I was one of the colour guards back then..but during my final year at school the team was not as well establish as they are now.. we are what do you call..ermmm.. tempelan??!.. but now they are one of the band.. congrats!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Earth Shall Rise!

The Autobots and Decepticons are in town!

Mr. AZ wanted to see the life-sized Optimus Prime in person at OU.. these are series of the transformers exhibition.. unfortunately there were not many pictures.. too crowded.. can't get decend pictures as people were crossing in front of the camera.. hate it when that happen! thought little Adam would get excited when he saw all those robots that can transform to cars since he was asking for a RM70 Lightning Mcqueen the day before.. but he was too afraid by the crowd that he didn't even bother about the robots..

some of the robots that were on  display

life-sized Optimus Prime

little Adam was afraid of all the robots and crowd

i guess this is how tall Optimus is when he's standing near Sam Whitwicky

very tallll

with a ducati

Bumblebee collection with a yellow camaro on the background

Then had our late lunch where little Adam eats!! he never eat that much.. Alhamdulillah...

little Adam having a drink while watching badminton match

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spicy Aglio Olio

Feeling hungry during one of the late nite up.. went down to the kitchen and search for food.. unfortunately our sausages (my quick fix when i feel hungry late at nite) supply finished.. as i was searching for food in the fridge.. i saw fresh button mushroom.. extra's from little Adam's mushroom soup.. and though of eating sauteed mushroom.. maybe with bread or something.. then i remember we have spaghetti.. and prawn are always available in the freezer.. so there i was in the kitchen alone at nite and fix myself an experimented spicy aglio olio.. thanx to Shilashower for her entry on spicy prawn olio that inspired me that nite.. it sure was easy peasy.. 

fresh button mushroom
prawn - peeled and cleaned
dry chili flakes - thanks to domino's
black pepper - crushed
dry herbs - basil & rosemary

1. cook spaghetti until soft in salted water and a little bit of oil. drain and run through with cold water. set aside.
2. saute button mushroom with butter until caramelized. set aside.
3. heat butter and fry crushed garlic until fragrant.
4. add in the sauteed button mushroom and prawn.
5. add in the spaghetti and mix.
6. season with crushed pepper, salt and herbs
7. wallah! you're done!

p/s: even Mr. AZ was impressed with my late nite cooking that day.. heeee..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Program Cuti Sekolah PUSPANITA

Semalam ada program PUSPANITA kat ofis.. since dapat pelepasan.. join je laa.. walaupun tak bawak little Adam.. Initially memang nak bawak little Adam join the activities.. TAPI ... the boss decided nak buat meeting that evening.. harap maaf laa nak bawak little Adam.. sape nak jage??!!

Enjoy tengok anak-anak orang je laa.. sangat cute ok??!! ade yang sangat konfiden and sporting.. and ade jugak yang malu-malu kucing.. tp memang cute lah..

For babies (6-24 months) - Pertandingan Bayi Comel & Aktif
Pastu toddlers (2 years - 5 years kot) - Pakaian Beragam
Open - Ada bakat ke??

Part yang pakaian beragam tu memang laaa cumeellsss.. macam2 gaya ada.. cowboy.. pak arab.. princess.. tapi.. gambar sket jek.. sbb malas nak bangun..

colleague's daughter - Dian

cowboy yang sporting

cucu one of the boss


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia || Batu Feringghi, Penang || Day 2

getting ready for breakfast

The day start early because we wanted to beat the crowd for breakfast.. since we had to cross the road to the other wing of the hotel to the cafe.. the breakfast buffet was ok.. nothing extraordinary.. just the usual breakfast.. little Adam enjoyed the scrambled egg with chicken sausage.. after one serving he was distracted by the pool..

We went for a walk at the beach after breakfast.. Mr. AZ was trying to take little Adam for dip.. but he refuses.. i think he's afraid of the wave..he kept on pulling Mr. AZ's hand away from the water.. We decided to just lazed around at the pool and let little Adam enjoy his time there.. He was afraid at the 1st dip but when later joined by Waeis and Ilman the cousins he braved up.. he even saved by pulling Waeis's float as it went to the centre of the baby pool.. how cute.. just like a big brother..little Adam even manage swallow the pool water for couple of times..

taking a walk at the beach

afraid of the wave

trying to get away from the beach

now he's afraid of the pool

relax a little

enjoying himself with Waeis

lifeguard cum watchguard

shivering and all crinkled up

Around 10 am we went up as my bro's family wanted to checked out early..but me and Mr. AZ decided to stay a little while.. we rested and took a nap first.. around 12 in the afternoon we checked out of the hotel and headed to the jetty to catch the ferry out of the island.. by this time little Adam was asleep.. but as we were on the ferry, i woke him up.. so please excuse the face in these photos.. During this time, my camera battery went out..

Penang Bridge

little Adam sleepy face


Penang Island

We stopped at Juru Autocity for lunch and then head straight ot Taiping to my grandma's house.. we rested there and regrouped with the whole family there..

We finally made our way home at around 6.30p.m.. as we joined the highway, there was a massive jam.. and the jam was all the way from Changkat Jering exit till R&R Sungai Perak.. and from thereafter couple of heavy traffic along the way.. We arrived safely in KL at around 1.30 in the morning.. 

It was a very tiring holiday/ vacation.. ehehehe.. no more vacation during public holiday + school holiday..