Monday, September 12, 2011

Makan - Makan || Restoran Cosy Place, Wangsa Maju

My dad's friend suggested this place for a western dining.. since most of us were craving for meat.. it's the best time to test the food there.. ermm.. this visit was way before Ramadhan..ehehehe..sorry.. we even visited this place again after Raya the other day..


the restaurant


I like the ID of the place.. so home-like.. we were greeted by the busy cooks preparing the dishes.. open air.. as we enter, on the left side were the waiting area (just like a living area) then the tables for eating.. i was awed by the deco.. loving it to the max..


waiting area


the food choices was enough.. covered from eastern to western.. i settled for bbq ribs (i'm the one craving for meat)..eheheheh.. my sister to but can't remember the name.. mom tested their porridge and abah char kueytiaw.. little Adam?? he had his usual food.. mushroom soup.. this time he finished 2 bowls.. what an appetite.. Mr. AZ had another appointment.. generally the food awas great.. the ribs.. the ouuh so yummy ribs was huge..the sauce have that smoky taste (yummm!) they made the mash potato in a patty.. but the vege was quite a dissapointment.. they saute the vege..i prefer a fresh salad with my meat.. the whole dishes ordered were given quite a good review by my parents and sis..

cutie pie
mushroom soup
bbq ribs

the service can be improved summore.. i would definitely suggest this place for any ocassion.. the price was affordable..from what i can remember.. the ribs priced at RM45..

It was an enjoyable night..and i slept with a happy more cravings for meat..

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