Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Adam & Tennis

this is the extra racket for little Adam.. excuse the string terputus..

Mr. AZ missed playing tennis..
(eventhough he played tennis once a week!!)
he's been giving hints on this..
So last nite he asked me to get ready..
me & little Adam..
to follow him..
i ask him..
"where to?"
he said..
"special place"
I guess I was too excited to even care where..
I put on my simplest where..
The difficult part was to change little Adam..
he refused to change..
Mr. AZ said
just let him be with his #8 Harimau Malaya jersey..
then off we go..
He drove us to an indoor tennis court..
so he tricked me into thinking we were going to a special place..
instead he brought us to watch him play??!!
great plan..
then we were joint by my nephew..
and later they start playing..
with another 2 player..
it seems like forever for me..
with little adam being as restless as he is..
it was raining heavily outside..
and all i can hear was little adam mumbling
and people scream/ shout while serving..
when Mr. AZ finished..
he was join by little Adam on the court..
9 p.m session was the last session of the day..
before the court closes..
so we had sometimes for ourselves before everybody finished their game..
these series are picture of
Mr. AZ trained his little tennis player..

At first, I have to accompany him..
quite a shy character little Adam have..
ikut sape??!!
After a little warm up..
he was confident..
he starts shouting just like he was playing tennis..
next entry i'll share the video..
of little Adam playing tennis..


It was a great experience..
and good exercise..
but a little tired..
luckily today is Saturday..

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