Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chilli Prawn

A couple of colleagues came back from an outstation work to Kota Kinabalu and came back with a couple of kilos of freshwater prawns.. they were HE-UGE!! this is a what-ever-I-have-in-the-kitchen recipe.. so no specific measurements..

But Dude said it was delicious..

freshwater prawns
shallot - pounded
garlic - pounded
birds eye chili - pounded
shrimp paste - pounded

1. fry the freshwater prawns head first until partly cooked.
2. heat oil and fry the pounded shallot, garlic, birds eye chilli and shrimp paste until fragrant.
3. add in water.
4. add in salt and sugar to taste.
5. when the chili thickens, add in the freshwater prawns and wait until cooked.

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