Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Short Trip to Penang

it seems like a must go place everytime we were in the northern part of the country.. yerp! Penang.. the food heaven! the must haves, nasi kandar from restoran yasmeen, tandoori and naan from restoran kapitan.. for me thats enough.. but still different people different taste.. there's stop to fulfill everybody's taste.. no worries..

So we stayed at Jen Hotel formerly known as Traders Hotel.. yup.. in the middle of the city.. not a good place for a foodie.. Since thats the only hotel available.. so we'll just make do..

The hotel is and old hotel that have been refurbished.. You still get this gloomy feelings but not that bad.. We manage to get a connecting room.. so we get to share everything.. Adam was all out with his lego and couldn't care less about the pool view we had..

We stayed there for a night just enough to get our doses of nasi kandar.. we had for snacks then dinner and a little bit of supper.. go figure how many calories just for a night..

Jen Hotel models

The next day after breakfast outside, Dude bawak jalan-jalan Penang and we end up kat Padang Kota.. rupanya ada exhibition transformers.. patutla ramai orang.. Bergambar la anak-beranak dua orang tu di celah-celah orang.. asal boleh je..

optimus prime

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