Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Adam, Scarlet Fever & Ampang Puteri || Day 1

It all started with he scratches the back of his knees.. i guess he scratches unconsciously during sleep.. that was last saturday.. where the back of his knees bled and then came the air bisa.. brought him to the clinic nearby.. and the doctor said it was due to an allergic.. so he gave little Adam a strict vegetarian diet until his blisters healed..  he even gave an allergic medication and cream to be applied at the blisters..

We continued to cleaned and apply the cream on his was ok until tuesday evening.. his body temp rose up to 39 degrees or maybe even more.. me and Mr. AZ couldn't sleep that nite.. 

The first thing on tuesday morning, we catched up on our sleep first.. my parents looked after little Adam for a while.. Alhamdulillah he managed to sleep that time.. we did also.. then we took him to paed.. at one look the doctor said.. "Scarlet Fever" and ask us to immediately admit little Adam.. from there onwards it was a bit fuzzy.. what I can remember was little Adam screaming being held by both of us while the doc inserted IV line at his hand and waited to be admitted..

We were given 2 bedded room.. at first it was ok.. since the other bed were empty.. little Adam well rested and sleep.. then came the other bed occupant with couple of little kids jumping up and down the bed and screaming.. little Adam was all panicky and couldn't sleep.. I had to asked Mr. AZ to moved us to a single room.. for little Adam need to rest.. both him and me needed a lot .. i mean really A LOT.. of rest.. luckily there were room available.. i guess we'll just have to thnik about the cost and everything later.. heeeee..

During that time i noticed that little Adam blisters grew more and bad.. pity him.. must be painful.. seriously the blisters was really fast..that nite we received couple of visits from family members.. little Adam's temperature still fluctuates.. but he's calm.. the doc came and explained to us on little Adam condition.. he will be treated with antibiotic.. once the antibiotic acts, his temperature will go normal.. the tiny rashes and blisters would go away.. and he said not to worry.. For the time being little Adam will be hydrated through IV since he don't drink or eat as usual.. ouhh.. the culprit bacteria named streptococcus.. damn you bacteria!!

Coincidently.. another family member was also admitted on the same floor.. he was supposed to be on a different floor.. but the room were full, so they were given paeds room temporarily while waiting for their room to be available.. he was admitted due to dengue.. but it turned out just a viral fever..

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