Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Adam, Scarlet Fever & Ampang Puteri || Day 2

I am still sleepless last nite.. little Adam's temp still fluctuates.. He managed to sleep all through the nite but the small cries still there.. 

Nothing much today.. just 4 hourly temperature check.. then dressing his blisters.. this part was the hardest.. he struggles.. he even cried.. i felt hopeless.. i know it's painful.. then a couple of round for consultation by the paed.. he said that we just need to wait for the antibiotic to work.. 

Other than the above and couple of visits by family members.. me and little Adam just cuddle and sleep.. he still refuses to sleep but made some progress by requesting soup..

In the evening while applying cream to his blisters, I noticed that most of it have dried.. Alhamdulillah.. it looks less painfull..

That nite little Adam slept well.. But I still can't sleep.. but i manged to dozed off couple of times..

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