Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Double Tree by Hilton Getaway

Just a short de-stressing getaway.. dekat je pun.. DoubleTree in Jalan Ampang.. ehehehe.. mebe to some sama macam tak payah.. but for me.. macam a good jump-start especially towards the end of the year.. lagipon Adam really enjoy any hotel stay.. too obsessed dengan hotels..

DoubleTree is formerly Crown Princess Hotel.. it has been refurbished..

Arriving was quite a hassle.. we have to make another round to find their main entrance.. and then were not welcomed well by the staff.. hmmm.. Our luggage was carried along with some other family's luggage.. I know that they are full for the weekend.. but still..
Another thing is the lobby.. we had to take either the lift or escalator to the 1st floor where the lobby is situated.. I don't like that.. and then the Q for check-in was quite long and it took me around 30 minutes to be served.. but the warm soft cookies make-it all up..eventhough Adam gobbled the whole 2 big pieces of chocolate cookies all by himself..
the famous signature DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Soft Cookie
comot boy

view of the toilet from room

the room from the toilet
The room.. was nice.. just like any hotel room.. and the view..was Jalan Ampang.. but the toilet was within view from the room..ehehehe.. then we took a nap before going down for a dip in the swimming pool on the 10th floor.. Seronok jugak lepak at the poolside surrounded by tall buildings.. ehehehhe.. Adam was really happy beyond words..

Malam pulak kitorang walked to the nearest complex.. Ampang Park.. where to? somewhere where I can fulfill my meat cravings.. Cozy Corner.. Malam tu memang early night in betol.. balik je dari dinner teros pengsan 3-3 orang.. ehehehhe..
The next morning went to the breakfast on the 11th.. for me the spread was not that interesting.. because for me and Mr. AZ, we only went for their international cuisine.. other than that was just normal things..
Adam at the Makan Kitchen

the breakfast
After the breakfast Adam and Mr. AZ took another dip at the swimming pool before we checked-out and called it a successful de-stressing getaway..

father-son boding moment

Something happened during the checked-out.. Adam was asking for choc chip cookie while we were waiting for Mr. AZ to checked-out.. I guess one of the staff heard that because when we were leaving, a staff gave Adam another 2 pieces of their signature choc chip cookies of which they only gave during checked-ins.. Thanks DoubleTree!! Adam was a really happy trooper all the way home..

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