Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori Graduation and Year End Concert 2013

Setelah setahun Adam attend Brainy Bunch maka sampailah hari final year concert.. we were given heads up 2 months or so before the real date.. so every other engagement would be put to 2nd priority.. this must be the first.. dan wedding of the year in my family pon have to be put the least priority.. walaupon dah plan baju apa nak pakai since after the engagement.. huhuhuhu.. and another reception in Perak of a goof friend of Dude..

Before the day, we had to prepare Adam with a black shoe and a white kopiah.. and we paid the school for a white jubah.. easy.. rather than searching high and low for a kid's jubah.. 

I was so excited sebab months before the concert, Adam dah start memorizing poems to be performed as a choral speaking.. he even practice at home with actions.. and I realised that he memorises well..

Since Adam's branch was put on the final slot in the evening, we decided to stay in on that day.. and at 5 o'clock we made our way to PICC.. Adam was already with his red costume.. 

by the time we reached PICC it was already 6 o'clock and the concert was supposed to start at 6 o'clock.. and Adam tak sabar-sabar to wear his white jubah on top of his red costume because he saw some of the kids with their jubah and kopiah walking passed him..risau sebab he's the odd one there..

Sampai-sampai teros register and he was brought in by the teacher.. ouhh.. by the way.. Sara is also there.. and she's cranky because she was asleep on the way there.. so we just left my sister and BIL to pujuk Sara to join in sebab dah pakai cantik-cantik.. rugi kalau tak join..

Masuk-masuk, the concert was almost starting.. and the sight of hundred of small children in white jubah and white kopiah and tudung was truly fascinating.. I almost cried.. such calm and soothing..

And the concert starts with Negaraku, Wilayah song and then Asmaul Husna.. followed by Al-Fatihah and translation.. and then they recite couple of Surah and translation..

The first performance was by playhouse children.. performing fashion show.. this is were Sara is supposed to perform.. She is such a performer! Tak nampak langsong tanda-tanda cranky tadi.. and she is the only one who is dancing to the beat.. 

After a couple of other performance by other branches, we break for Maghrib prayer.. around 30 minutes break.. then continue with a couple of performance more.. then came Adam's branch performance..

I move to the front for a better view.. too bad Adam was put behind a line of girls.. quite tall girls I must say.. so I couldn't see him much.. but I was very proud of the kids.. they were reciting the poem complete with actions with not even a hiccup.. and after they finish their 11 verses of poems, the hall clapped so loud.. that I for a little while am proud of my son..

We though of going home after that.. only to be informed that they have another performance.. so we wait.. and the final performance are of the whole brainy bunch branch and their board of directors singing Together, We Can Change The World.. I truly am moved by the song..

After the last song, they break for preparation for the graduation ceremony.. and that was our cue to go home.. I fetched Adam from his teacher since he is not graduating yet.. only the 6 year olds will graduate.. and that was it.. Adam final concert.. ouhh. we had to leave early because tomorrow is a working day.. and it's almost 9 o'clock at night..

Adam was really happy and kept on repeating stories of him performing.. he even watch the video of the performace all over again.. repeating in on and on and on and on.. 

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