Friday, December 26, 2014

Makan - Makan || Kedai Kopi Pak Lang, Port Dickson

the main entrance inviting customer to go in and have a look at their menu.. I bet that most of us would pass this kind of places.. but it would be your lost.. I love it here..

the wall in the restaurant were decorated with clock with other countries local time.. it is said that the owner used to be a sailor.. and likes to travel..

Since we were already late for breakfast menu, we added up with a lunch menu and make it a super late brunch.. so these are what we ordered..

Coffee.. very kaww.. this is my first time tasting super kaww coffee.. it was not to my liking.. but I love that it was still hot even after a while.... maybe it was the kopitiam coffee cup.. and the coffee smells delicious!

we shared this bread toasts together with Adam.. it was nothing special.. a normal kind of toasts.. and the bread arrives cold!

this is me and Adam's main menu, kueytiaw kungFu.. this is delicious! Dude have to stop me from ordering another one.. it seems that it wasn't enough for me and Adam..ahahah..

Dude added a 2 half boiled eggs for him.. so.. that about it.. I would probably suggest this place to anybody going to Port Dickson.. and I would surely come again if we were to come and holidaying here again..

Kedai Kopi Pak Lang @ Port Dickson
Jalan Raja Aman Shah, Kampung Bahasa Kapor, 71000 Port Dickson, NEGERI SEMBILAN
Tel : 012 - 655 1434
Hours : 0700 am - 0600 pm

I Say

Price : didn't know about the price.. paid by Dude's friend
Food : since we were already late for breakfast, we had lunch.. and the food was delicious.. our stomach was happy..
Service : good service.. we were the only customer!
Atmosphere : perfect for family dining
Cleanliness : clean 
Parking : this would be a bit of a problem.. but usually there'll be parking spaces around the area..

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