Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adam's Food Pack Collection

These are Adam's food pack to school everyday..

Awal-awal tu lengkap dengan buah and everything.. Tapi second week dia dah taknak buah.. biscuits je as munchy..

The main dish memang lovingly handmade by mama.. which is chicken nuggets, beef & chicken burger.. Kiranya a pack consist of nuggets or burgers or sandwiches with a packet drinks.. and biscuits / fruits..

chicken burger-green apple-chocchips- air kotak tak muat
chicken nuggets-mini oreo-milo
chicken nuggets-chocchips-milk
nutella sandwiches-choc chips - milk
burger-choc chips - milk
chicken burgers with cheese-chipsmore-gigabyte-milk

Memang sama je menu dia.. pusing-pusing je.. bila bagi lain sikit.. dia tak makan.. might as well bagi something yang dia makan kan??

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