Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wedding || Putri Shahreen & Husband

A simple wedding ceremony of a cousin..
Everything were settle within a day..
So convenient..
Her akad was in the morning and then followed by kenduri after that..
The only problem is the hot weather.. it was really hot..
I was sweating like crazy..

Until I found a nice cosy and shady seat under a tree..
And the best thing is the seat is next to a pisang goreng cheese booth..
They fried the pisang fresh with their special batter and then they put on top of the pisang freshly grated cheese (from a block of cheese) together with condensed milk and i think they either put cocoa powder or MILO..
I tell you it was triple orgasm..
I was like not too interested in trying after my last experience..
But the girl minding the booth kept on asking me to try..
her words are like "sekali cuba mesti nak lagi dan lagi"
so I tried a piece much to her suggestion to take the normal 3 pieces..
And I ended up repeating over and over..
Serious sedap!!

I went back at almost 4 o'clock and came back after to help the cleaning up process..
It was memorable affair!

To Ain & her Husband..


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