Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Night in Melaka

I was instructed to attend a one day course in Melaka.. Since I'll be there alone with a one room accomodation, my parents and Adam tag along.. We arrive at the hotel, Swiss Garden just before Maghrib.. Adam was the one excited for the trip.. While me getting panicky to prepare for the next day training..


For dinner, Mak requested for assam pedas.. After reading couple of review, we head to a famous assam pedas restaurant that I will blog about later..


After dinner, we went for a walk at the connecting shopping mall.. Here Mak shops like crazy.. she bought not 1 but 2 sandals.. comfortable lah tu.. Summore mak dah lama tak membeli sandals for herself..

Tapi the downside of this hotel is takda supermarket nak beli titbits and mineral water.. terpaksa keluar balik cari kedai runcit..

Esok pagi-pagi Adam & I breakfast at the coffee house.. tak banyak sangat choices.. Adam pon tak ulang for second helping.. The parents awal-awal dah cakap nak cari makan kat luar.. So I continue with training, Adam and the grandparents jalan-jalan keliling Melaka..


Even the lunch pon not that much choices.. sekali hadap je dah habis rasa semua.. Maybe sebab hotel baru kut..


Yang bestnyer Swiss Garden is, the training room view.. we were at the top of the hotel overlooking Melaka skyline.. memang best.. And my father get to park at the VIP parking space infront of the hotel lobby.. What a special treatment..

The training wrapped up early around 4 something and we head back to KL home sweet home..

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