Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wedding || Ezreen & Fikri

A wedding of a Srikandi..
Since Dude's working, I went there with another Srikandi together with Adam..
The wedding is in Seremban..

We arrived at the wedding just as the bride & groom arrived..
But since I came with Adam, and he's already hungry..
So I ate first before meeting the bride & groom..

Together with other Srikandi's, we went to see the bride and took a couple of pictures..
and some wefie's..

After what seems like thousands of wefie's, we made our separate ways..
Me and my partner went home..

Such a happy moment to see the girls again..
So missing the happy days in Desa Tun..

 "Ezreen & Fikri.. Congratulations on your union! Have a happy and joyful life together forever!"