Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Adam First Day @ School

We decided on where to send little Adam to school to mingle at last.. so the first day came.. me, as the mother was very nervous..i was a wrecked.. thinking on how he'll react.. luckily Mr. AZ took leave to send him along with me..We keep on telling him that he'll be going to school with lots of friends where he can jump.. run and play..

The teachers, they refer themselves as aunty and uncle waited for their student at the entrance.. for this first tim parents were allowed to enter the class.. little Adam was okay.. He even pull his father to join him jumping on the trampoline..then the class started with only 3 students.. but little Adam refuses to join the class, he just jumping up and down on the trampoline.. and he make sure that one of us was by side all the time..

After couple of minutes, me and Mr AZ decided that we had to leave him by himself.. and hoping that he will join the class.. for this first day, according to the teachers, will be a small class.. but the were expecting a bigger group next week.. Together we ran out of the class and leave him while he cried and scream on top of his lung.. one of the teachers came o him and hug him.. We can watch him from the glass door..
After couple of minutes, he calmed down but still didn't join the class.. he just played with one of the teacher..  Mr. AZ and me waited outside where they provide chairs for parents.. Once in while we do check on him.. looks like he enjoyed playing.. but still didn't join the class..

After their snack break, i think it was playing and singing session until the end of class.. only during this session i saw little Adam join the class.. but a good progress.. he came out of the class smiling and shake uncle and aunty's hand.. the teacher said he's okay.. it's normal for a first timer to react the way he did.. Hoping for a better tomorrow.. we signed little Adam for a 3-day week class.. so, it's Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. since this week the class started on Tuesday.. so it will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday..

After the class, he asked for his milk and slept all through the evening with only a bowl of mushroom soup as his lunch.. Luckily, it was only a 2 hour session per class.. if not i guess he'll be sleeping all through the day!

playing by himself
during the singing session
he was the only one standing up while others sitting down
last song before going home

p/s: terasa diri dah tua bila anak dah skolah..

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