Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Adam 2nd Day @ School

Today was a huge improvement.. Little Adam was smiling and singing happily all the way to school... goooodd!! I followed him inside the school along with my mom.. he was happily running with his new found friend.. guess what? the friend is a girl.. SOPHIE.. at first he kept coming back at my side.. then me and my mom sneaked out while he was playing.. i peeked in to see if he was crying.. but he didn't even realised that i was gone.. 

While waiting for his 2 and a half hour to finished, me and mom did some window shopping.. and then joined my father for a coffee.. Something to take my mind of worrying about little Adam..

At the end of the session, when i went to picked him up, the teacher said "today he joined the class" well.. that's good.. before going off, he salam his teacher's hand and then sanitized his hand with the dettol provided..

When i asked him "What did you do at school Adam" he said.. "jump-jump, football" .. i guess he left out the learning part.. hehehehe.. and today i noticed there were sticker on his t-shirt.. same as yesterday.. so the kids were given stickers on their t-shirt everyday at the end of the session.. and they get the stickers after hugging their teachers.. how cute...

after arriving
his playing mate- the one's standing
kept coming back to me
join in the activity

p/s : today will be my last day sending little Adam to school.. from this Friday onwards.. il'l be depending on my father..

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