Friday, June 1, 2012

Sophie's 4th Birhtday Party || Penang Village Great Eastern Mall

Sophie is little Adam's school friend.. I received the invitation from the mother during Kayden's Birthday Party.. And I RSVPed to attend..

We went a bit late on the party day since we had to attend to a wedding somewhere in Klang.. the activities already started.. there were a magician.. and the theme was underwater.. the birthday girls wore a tutu skirt.. so cute.. when little Adam saw Sophie he smiled but refuses to join in the activities.. he's always like that.. I guess his shy.. but he did laugh whenever the kids laugh.. and he did whatever the kids did.. but he did it at the side.. just next to me.. even when his teacher tried to take him to the center he refuses.. at least he didn't cry like the last birthday party..

After the cake cutting (ouuh.. the cake was pretty!!) and eating (the food was delicious too!!), we had to leave.. it's already late in the afternoon.. and the host gave me a bucket full of goodies and a glass bottle in a wooden case.. in the bottle were a fighting fish.. waaahhh.. what a goody to take back!!

Another birthday party that we survived and little Adam has improved in his socialising skills..

magic show

eating sausage & cheese
trying to pujuk him to join in
the kids watching the show
bithday song
cutting the cake
watching from the side
the fighting fish that we took home
 NOTE TO SELF : Need to take little Adam to any events more to make him socialise more

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