Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding || Norizi & Hairi

Last weekend we had a wedding invitation of MR. Az's colleague all the way in Batu Kikir.. somewhere near Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan Made a plan to start early around 10 in the morning.. so that we arrive just in time for lunch and to watch the bride and groom's arrival..

So did start early using the LEKAS highway.. which according to Mr. Az's colleague; the groom, will only take 2 hours from KL to Batu Kikir.. but we can only plan.. and the plan did not anticipated of a massive traffic jam.. all the way from Seremban's LEKAS exit to Kuala Pilah.. the worst part of the jam was at Bukit Putus.. bad crawl.. 

I made a mistake of not stopping for a snack on the way.. because we only arrive at the bride's house around 3 p.m.. most of the food was already finish.. and guest were already gone..Even the bride and groom was walking all around sending off family members.. But we were among the lucky ones from KL.. it seems that most of Mr. AZ's colleague were still stuck in the jam.. 

But we didn't stay long.. Had a long journey back ahead.. Even the family members looked tired with their hopeful face waiting for the guest to go home for them to get their much awaited rest..

All in all I love the food but couldn't take much.. my stomach was already bloated with air.. eheheheh..

To Hairi & Norizi "Congratulations on your union. Enjoy your life together!"

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