Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Adding Another One To the List

Adam now has shown an interest to another hobby.. it is bowling.. he used to love this game before.. but was forgotten until one day he decided to love it again??!!

Eversince that day he kept on asking us to bring him to bowl.. We even have to add bowling apps to the phone and even his ipad..

So one fine day we brought him to Sunway Pyramid.. Paid for one game.. and requested the gutter railing to be raised and let him play with the lightest ball available..

Thought he would get tired after a game.. we were wrong.. he requested for another game.. and even asked for another after that but we have to stop for lunch.. after much persuasion, we manage to have lunch and went back with a promise of coming back soon.. hehehe.. never went anything near a bowling alley eversince..

And these are couple of video of Adam bowl..

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