Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nasi Lemak Beras Bario

A couple of the colleagues went to Miri for work.. so we joked about bringing back beras bario for us 2 kg each.. didn't think that hey took that seriously..

Once they were back in the office they kept apologizing that they couldn't give us 2 kg each afraid of the extra load.. instead they would secara kerjasama prepare us nasi lemak beras bario.. true to their word they did that..

Murah rezeki pagi tu..

For general info : Bario Rice is regarded by the 'Orang Ulu' and natives as the finest and best rice from the highlands of Sarawak. It is grown on cool climates at an elevation above 1,200 metres. According to the natives, the rice is only eaten by the longhouse chief on special occasion. It is long been regarded as one of the finest rice grains of the world. It is famous for its soft texture, fine and elongated grains with mild aromas and splendid taste.

The rice is a home-grown, laboriously planted and harvested by hands using age-old traditional methods. In the planting of the Bario rice, there is no usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It has all the attributes of organic rice with an added flavour and unique taste as a result of the cool, pristine and unpolluted environments where it is grown. It is perfect for health conscious consumers.

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Anonymous said...

Its good that you managed to get a taste of Bario rice. Bario rice is expensive. Its high quality grain of rice is compact compared to any others.

Each time whenever we get to Bario, we will at least bring back a 4kg rice packs of Bario.

Flying to Bario was fun too! So here is a website link that I tend to recommend to friends who wants to get around Sarawak.