Thursday, October 17, 2013

Makan - Makan || Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda

One day, a colleague was craving to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market.. so off we go to Alamanda.. i thought we were the earliest since we left the office at 1.00 o'clock sharp!.. but still there were still lots of people are already seated.. it was quite difficult to get the waitress's attention..

So these are our order..

lemon mint or something
our drinks
our fried platter
We shared this platter among the 3 of us.. and it was just more than enough.. 

Funny quotes printed on their serviette.. I was made known that there were couple of other quotes.. but was not used during the visit..

G83, Ground Floor, Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Alamanda, Precint 1, 62000 PUTRAJAYA
Tel : 03 - 8889 5160

I Say

Price : i think we paid around RM50 for the 3 of us
Food : I always love their platter especially the rice.. but now it tasted a bit different
Service : maybe it was during lunch hour but it was quite difficult to get a service
Atmosphere : a normal restaurant
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : shopping centre parking lots

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