Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MASM-Bank Rakyat Colouring Contest

I have been trying to make Adam to join colouring contest since last year.. but he seems not interested.. even at home when I try to get him to colour.. he would refused..

But this time around.. he was excited to join the contest.. so I registered him up.. this was actually during the Malaysian Environment Week Celebration.. but I brought him to the 1st day of the contest so that there will be fewer challengers (because the highlight of the celebration was the closing ceremony).. 

But what I can say about Adam.. is that.. I am very proud of him.. he just sit down even uncomfortably... and coloured as instructed.. but he's still poor in colouring inside the line and still need instructions to change the colours to use.. Need a lot of practice.. maybe should bring him to more colouring contest so hat he can see how people actually colour..

He didn't get any placing but.. the goodie bag has made Adam happy enough.. And he couldn't stop talking about his colouring contest experience the whole night!

see how uncomfortable he looks

started colouring with a green

change to blue when i asked him to
then change to yellow
he's done.. notice that he already menconteng?
all the contestants
ahahah.. bengang with mama

a good acomplishment for a 1st timer

cheeky dance line

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