Saturday, October 5, 2013

Makan - Makan || Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse, Bangi

It was on one of the trip back from Merlimau where Dude suggested that we stopped for dinner somewhere.. Feeling a bit carnivores so I suggested Wadihana..

Entering the restaurant we were greeted with salam by most of the waiters.. a new experience for me

hot honey lemon
Adam's mushroom soup

Adam's garlic bread

Dude's sizzling chicken chop
mine t-bone steak
my steak portion was big and it was more than enough for me.. but by the end of my eating experience my steak was already cold and  there were bits of harden fat.. other than that I have no problem with..

No. 25, Jalan Medan Pusat 2D, 3B Curve Business Park, 43650 Bangi, SELANGOR
Tel : 03 - 8926 4546
Hours : 1130 am - 1130 pm (daily except Friday) || 0300 pm - 1130 pm (Friday)

I Say

Price : on the high site
Food : for me it was so-so.. but it is s nice steakhouse for that site of the city
Service : the best so far for me because we were greeted with salam when we enter and walked out of the shop
Atmosphere : a nice and relaxing restaurant for family
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : in front of the restaurant

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