Saturday, July 19, 2014

Authentic Homecooked Thai Food Available during Ramadhan

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During this whole of Ramadhan Month, my cousin's wife will be selling her home cooked Thai food just like 2 years ago.. She changes her menu every day except for a couple of main dishes that would be available daily.. but you can also request for a certain Thai menu.. but it all depends on the ingredients.. but if she can't meet your request she would inform you.. Fret not.. all the foods here are guaranteed halal..

I would be uploading the pictures of her food (sometimes there would be added dishes prepared by locals) daily.. depends on whether there is and added dish.. so enjoy drooling! and don't forget to come and visit to taste the yummilicious authentic thai foods!!
Hours: 4pm to 7pm daily (during month of Ramadhan) 

seafood tomyam
green curry chicken

red ruby

sticky rice & mango

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