Friday, September 5, 2014

Makan - Makan || Nyonya Valley, Cyberjaya

A colleague suggested to have lunch at a new place somewhere in Cyberjaya. It seems that she don't feel well that day and wanted to have something soupy and hot.. Somemore that "something" that she wanted only available in this restaurant.. eheheh..

menu book

So it made me think, what is the "something". So together with another 2 curious 2 colleagues we followed her.. It is the place that we suggested for the lunch outing with our then Director in a couple of entry before.. This is the point that made us proposed to have the lunch here..

my colourful drink

The food was great! we practically fighting for the food.. especially the fried enoki mushroom and mango chicken.. the "something" soupy that mu colleague suggested at first was never exist.. because she didn't even order anything soupy.. the first thing that she ordered is enoki mushroom.. but we added a portion of tomyam which we later regretted.. it was not that nice compared to other food..

fried egg tofu

The winner is enoki mushroom and mango chicken.. So that's how I fell in love with Nyonya Valley..
mango chicken
fried enoki mushroom

Nyonya Valley, Cyberjaya
CyberView Garden, Cyberjaya
Tel : 03 - 8320 2728
Hours : 1130am - 0930pm (daily)

I Say

Price : a little bit on the higher side but it was worth it
Food : love, love, love the food!
Service : good service even during peak hours
Atmosphere : nice and relaxing
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : ample around the restaurant

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