Friday, April 17, 2015

Makan - Makan || Fiske Steak House, Keramat

This is my second visit here.. I was not that impressed with the food on my first visit.. I ordered their mix grill that time.. and to be fair, I ordered mixed grill again.. But my mom love it there.. Apparently she loves the fish dish.. can't remember the name but she can finished it all..

The food service was fast.. I suspect that they precooked most of the meat and then reheat them went serving.. the meat was super tough.. Overcooked maybe? The thing that I can't except the most is their mashed potato that they mixed together with a bowl of soupy pasta..

Even my niece couldn't finish her pasta.. My mom on the other hand tries their Asam Pedas meal.. it comes together with plate of rice and a bowl of asam pedas.. My mom said acceptable but my father said he could not agree with that.. My father love his fish and chips..

But this is my opinion.. everybody have their own tastebuds.. but from what I heard, mostly love their food.. Was it just me? So better go and try it youself and be your own judge..

fish and chips
mixed grill
asam pedas

Fiske Steakhouse @ Taman Sri Keramat
No. K4, Medan Selera AU2, Taman Sri Keramat, 54200 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 017-374 2109 || 017-212 1649
Hours : 0600pm - 1200am (except Mon)

I Say

Price :  affordable
Food : still not impressed with the food taste even on the second visit.. but the I salute them on the food presentation wise..
Service : fast
Atmosphere : normal medan selera style
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : you got to be early.. if not you have to fight for a space

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