Thursday, April 9, 2015

Makan - Makan || Polperro Steak House, Shah Alam

Dude wanted to visit his little sister in Shah Alam.. So I search high and low for a place to have a decent dinner.. Apparently you have loads of choices in Section 7 Shah Alam.. I just had to get and inside view of the places.. Whatsapp F. Ayu for a help.. she suggested a couple of place.. 

Dude voted for Polperro steak house.. while waiting for SIL, I read a couple of review.. all of which were positive.. Might be a right choice then.. Surprisingly, the restaurant were close to the UITM gate..

And as what most of the reviews wrote, the place would always be full.. and yupp.. it was full alright.. We were lucky that a family left as we were entering the restaurant..

We ordered golden mushroom chicken chop for Adam, I ordered Grill Chicken Combo and Dude took the special.. Steak Rusa.. while waiting for the food, I enjoyed their decorations..the theme is a town called polperro in UK..

Adam's chicken chop came first.. he's been asking for chicken chop for weeks! but he didn't seem to enjoy it.. when asked.. "Adam nak chicken chop Steven's laaaa!!".. nothing to shout about the chicken chop except for the size.. but it wasn't bad.. and was not superb also.. just in the middle..

Next, my grill chicken combo.. Was asking what the combo is.. apparently if you ordered a combo meal, it came together with prawn.. the chicken was grilled nicely.. but I guess I just don't like my plate to be that wet.. should asked for the gravy in another bowl..

And finally, Dude specials came.. he said, the meat a little bit chewy.. and yup.. he didn't enjoy it that much.. he ended up finishing Adam's chicken chop and slowly finishing up his plate..

Polperro Steak House @ Shah Alam
24, Jalan Kristal Ar7/Ar, Seksyen 7, 40 000 Shah Alam, SELANGOR
Tel : 013-255 4721
Hours: 0500pm - 0100am (daily)

I Say
Price : affordable.. most of the food ranging from RM11 - RM20
Food : for me its okay.. atleast another place to eat in Shah Alam
Service : fast and nice
Atmosphere : a family kind of restaurant and the poster of the Polperro town were so real that I wanted to be there
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : loads of parking spaces around the restaurant

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