Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Birthday Party

This is little Adam's only birthday party invite for the year.. an invitation from Mr. AZ's friend.. wouldn't want to missed it since we couldn't make it last year.. I was the one excited with the party.. searching for little Adam's t-shirt according to the party theme.. the theme was Upin & Ipin.. Seriously.. i thought it was an easy search.. but there were no Upin & Ipin t-shirt could be found at my office flea market.. so I just decided that little Adam would wear any t-shirt from his collection..

We already bought the birthday girl her presents earlier.. the morning of the party, Mr. AZ decided to search for Upin & Ipin theme t-shirt for the last time (last kopek laa kononya).. he's afraid that little Adam would feel left out during the party for not wearing according to the theme.. eheheheh..  Finally jumpa la jugak t-shirt Upin & Ipin.. I wash the t-shirt and fan dried and also ironed the t-shirt just before going out for the party..

Arriving at the venue.. which is little Adam most favourite place in the world.. Pizza Hut.. because he loves to eat pizza & mushroom soup..he was the only one wearing Upin & Ipin themed shirt.. even the birthday girl and family was out of the theme.. heheheeh.. so i guess the theme was for the venue since most of the balloons were of Upin & Ipin.. little Adam had a great time.. eating pizza and mushroom soup all he wants..

After that we went back with full stomach and went to lalaland secara berjemaah.. eheheheh

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