Thursday, December 22, 2011

Final Holiday of the Year 2011

Since dah jalan-jalan utara ni.. kitorang holiday laaa dekat Penang.. the nearest.. Initially plan semalam je.. lepas tu boleh pulak nak extend another nite.. tapi at a different hotel..

After wedding.. kitorang terus cross the bridge and head to Cititel Penang.. why Cititel? it is close to Nasi Kandar Yasmeen (our favourite Nasi Kandar spot) and Sup Hameed.. both of the spot is just couple of steps je dari Cititel.. tu yang best tu..

I planned to eat lotsa things.. nak pegi Padang Kota (terpaksa ditch this plan sebab keluar from hotel dah lambat and Mr. AZ prefers Gurney Drive).. Dapatla makan Char Kueytiaw.. even little Adam pon makan Char KueyTiaw.. a bit pedas tapi die suka.. Habis 2 gelas milo ais dia sorang bantai..Mr. AZ was happy with his Rojak Techno.. where the server dance while preparing your rojak.. funny this man.. then balik hotel.. i don't know why.. tapi terase penat sangat.. mata dah macam tak boleh bukak.. so sampai hotel teros membuta.. around 10, Mr. AZ woke me to go to Sup Hameed.. but i just couldn't make it.. and let both the boys go.. Kiranya plan asal nak makan macam2 tak tercapai!
Next morning we had our breakfast at the hotel.. the coffee house too small and crammed.. luckily we went down early.. dapatla jugak tempat.. if not we have to queue for quite some time..the breakfast spread was so-so.. then we toured the hotel.. when for their indoor swimming pool..but not comfortable with the environment.. stuffy.. little Adam pon taknak swim.. so naik atas and dia swim dalam bath tub..

little Adam at Cititel Penang

Close to 12 kitorang pon get ready to check out.. after arrangements at the front desk.. we went to have our favourite Nasi Kandar.. from Yasmeen we saw the outrageously long line at Nasi Kandar Line Clear.. but i still prefer Yasmeen..

Then off we went to Batu Feringghi to check in at another hotel.. Bayview Batu Feringghi. our room wag HUGE!! tapi i didn't enjoy the stay much.. I was down with flu.. tapi still drag myself to the beach and kids club with little Adam.. kesian dia.. his 1st vacation that he enjoy.. but mama down with flu pulak.. Nasib baik dia tanak swimm.. kalau tidak lagi sakit la mama.. Most of our time spend at Kids club tak pon just lounging at the beach.. malam tu just makan ala kadar.. and Mr. AZ went to the Batu Feringghi pasar malam by himself sebab little Adam tido awal malam tu..
The next day went by like a lightning.. after breakfast at the hotel..then it was time to check-out.. we took the ferry out of the island.. little Adam enjoyed the ride.. while me was knocked down by the Paracetamol i took before we left the hotel..

little Adam lounging at the beach at Bayview Batu Feringghi

Sorry Adam.. mama demam pulak time holiday.. next time i promise to be very healthy to layan you.. until now little Adam kept on saying "Penang" whenever he saw building similar to Cititel Penang and  "hotel" whenever he feels as if he was in a hotel lobby.. kesian anak mama..

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