Saturday, December 31, 2011

Makan - Makan || Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill, Wangsa Maju

We visited  this restaurant during one of my meat craving phase..I knew about this place from a read one of the blogs..Through a search i found out that it has opened a new branch in Wangsa Maju.. Took me quite some time to convince Mr. AZ that i need to go to this place to get their piece of meat..

The night of our visit, the branch hosted a function but they still accept walk-ins.. we had a nice table at a corner then was given the menu.. I, without thinking hard ordered my favourite part.. "T-bone, well done". Mr. AZ ordered their burger.. for little Adam?? well.. he already had his dinner..i just ordered him hot chocolate..

While we were enjoying our meal, something funny.. or should  say embarrassing. but i was proud at the same time.. there live band.performing that nite..while the band were playing a pop song (couldn't remember the song), little Adam, on top of his lung, recited zikir..something "Allahuakbar, alhamdulillah" over and over again.. The more we ask him to slow down his reciting.. the more louder he goes..Everybody was looking at us and smile.. Mr. AZ finishes his meal quickly and took little Adam out..then i took the turn to look after little Adam, for Mr. AZ to finish my T-bone..

The Verdict
Ambience - the lights shouldn't be dimmed.. it does affect my mood and appetite..nice job with the live band thing.. during our visit, the place was too crowded with people from the function..
Food - for me, the meat was like whooahhhh.. thick and juicy.. i don't like the salad accompanying it.. and i feel that the whole plate was bland.. there's something missing but can't make out the missing thing..
Price - i guess it's on the expensive side.. the t-bone steak priced more than the one's served in Victoria Station..but it was thicker..
Service - good because we were served by the owner..

The drinks bar
The menu
my plate of t-bone steak

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