Sunday, December 11, 2011

Makan - Makan || San Francisco Pizza, Wangsa Maju

Actually, dah lama dah makan kat sini.. tapi asyik terlupa nak update.. Try this place during ada this one phase dimana saya sangat suka makan meat.. kalau boleh hari-hari nak steak.. My sis suggested this place.. dier kate the food quite ok and harga affordable.. Jadi... kitorang try-test-makan kat sini.. Wangsa Maju branch.. kalau tak sila dekat area bangi ade satu lagi branch..

We ordered mushroom soup (as usual!) for little Adam, sirloin steak (for Mr. AZ), and finally pizza with our own choice of toppings for both of us..

ambience - family friendly
food - good
price - affordable, worth every penny
service - good

will surely come back to try other menu..

iced chocolate


mushroom soup


sirloin steak

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