Monday, May 28, 2012

A Sweet Engagement Ceremony

My cousin are engaged!! 
The ceremony was last Saturday
It was a small but sweet ceremony attended by close relatives
I went the evening before the ceremony to help if needed
It seems everything was already done
Only a couple of touch-ups here and there
The theme colour was grey and cream
So lovely
The dais was beautiful!!
Done by the mother and brother
What I love most is what is being presented on the hantaran
the macarons, chocolate, fruits and the cupcakes
Even little Adam asked for some strawberries on the hantaran

The ceremony went smoothly
Apart from the heat
But the kambing golek manage to cover-up the heat part
Plus the fried kuey tiaw cooked fresh

"Congratulations aien & partner (didn't manage to catch his name)!!
Happy engagement period ahead!!"

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