Friday, May 18, 2012

Mr. AZ away on a company trip

After our trip to Japan, Mr. AZ was already busy preparing for his company trip.. preparing for the food.. as he was going to Hunan.. its better to prepare for food.. eventhough he was going for a muslim tour.. but knowing him, he still need a little bit of homeland in his meal.. Nasib baik serunding daging yang packed for the Japan trip to ada balance.. so I don't have to repack serunding..

As the trip nears, he get the information o their itinerary.. Lots of travelling around.. most of the days they go out early in the morning and back to the hotel late at night.. Really need alot of snacks.. And I read about the places they gonna visit.. Sangat cantik ok?? Jealous saya yang kena tinggal ni.. Ada this place is where the filming of Avatar.. But the downside is the weather.. sama macam kat Malaysia.. Let just wait for the picture from him..

The flight to Guangzhou is early this morning.. we just came back from sending him.. and after that little Adam went straight to school.. Don't want to change his routine.. Nak distract him from noticing  that the father is not with him..mueheheheh..

Well everything went well.. Tadi little Adam siap "Bye Papa!! See you again!!" while seeing his father when down the escalator.. Then dia tambah "Papa work naik train & Aeroplane" bagus tak?? tak payah la mak ni nak kene menipu..

manja-manja time

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