Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My 32nd Birthday Lunch || Gardens @ Alamanda

Seperti biasa every year mesti ada birthday lunch with collegues.. Kitorang choose a place to eat.. i mean a special place laa.. once in a while makan selain dari cafetaria kat bawah office nih.. something different la kan?? Last year kat mane erk?? ouuhh right.. makan ikan bakar somewhere at Gate 1 Putrajaya.. a let down.. so this year kitorang pilih the Gardens @ Alamanda.. Usually akan settle for Johnny's.. since food court alamanda under renovation tak boleh lah makan at Johnny's this year..

birth month flowers

colours of flowers

mushroom soup
my drinks - something apple
our drinks
spaghetti aglio olio with prawns
black pepper chicken
teriyaki chicken

The ambience memang sangat relaxing.. cooling je.. the service pon ok.. takdelah lambat sangat sampai perut berkeroncong.. the food.. ok.. i give a thumb up.. a good place to dine and relax.. and a very plus point is that the portion quite big.. boleh la nak habis sorang tapi banyak jugakla sebenarnya..

Still tak boleh digest that I'm already 32 years old.. tapi seriously..

when I was a kid..
I used to think that it's gonna be a long way for me to go to a teen-agers phase..

while I was a teenager..
It feels like the time moves slowly before I'm gonna reach 20-ish..

But when I get to the 20-ish phase..
the time starts to moves fast..
suddenly I am already close to 30-ish..

and now at 32,
I feel like I just turned 30 yesterday..

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