Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kayden 1st Birthday Party || Tumble Tots Great Eastern Mall

Today is little Adam's 1st Birthday Party invite for this year.. Kayden is the son of little Adam teacher.. I already RSVPed our attendance without Mr. AZ.. We went out earlier than the party to buy presents for birthday boy..  Since i told little Adam that we'll be going to Great Eastern Mall, he requested to way his usual school attire.. It took me quite sometime to tell him that today is not school day.. so he can wear baju jalan-jalan.. That one settled..

We stopped at Toys'r'us before going to the party.. the store is a couple of doors from his school.. while searching for the present, we got stuck at one of the toys.. I mean little Adam stuck at one of the toys.. he refuses to go to the party.. I left him to pay for the present then I noticed he followed me with his mouth mumbling I-don't-know-what.. We arrived at the party just in time.. At the partyl, he just left me as usual.. and join in his teachers and friends.. like his normal school day routine..

the party
kids having fun
the food from Naab Restaurant
that's how he is the whole time
the clown
the birthday cake
during the cake cutting
When he saw that I was still there, he left his group and started  to follow me around.. then the worst thing happen.. while he was having fun laughing and everything, a balloon popped.. then he started crying and shouting.. I had to take him to a corner to calm him down.. After couple of minutes came the clown and everything when haywire.. he was shouting and crying and hugging me very tight.. I couldn't concentrate on the party anymore.. I didn't want to leave very early before the cake cutting and all.. So I wait until everything was done and we went home with a goody bag.. In the car he got his milk and dozed off to Lalaland.. I guess he was sleepy.. eheheheh.. At least we survived a birhtday party without Papa..

he's still crying when we were leaving the party

p/s: all pictures were taken from little Adam schools' fb..

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