Monday, September 30, 2013

Humble Pie

I read bout mille crepe couple of months back.. but kept on backing out to order.. One of the weekends during the month of Syawal I ordered a whole cake with french vanilla flavour since some of the family decided to come for beraya with my mom.. why french vanilla you may ask? it was a safe order.. I guess everybody would like it..

It was a smooth process when ordering at Humble Beginnings.. And I ordered the cake to be delivered to me in cuts in cubes with toothpicks for ease of tasting for everybody.. when they called to confirm on my order I requested for the cake to be delivered during the morning trip..

And at around 10++ in the morning, the most awaited van came delivering my cake.. yummy yummm.. and there you go.. a whole cake finish in a blink of an eye (hahaha.. tipu!) actually.. it was quite hot selling because it was something different.. half of the cake was safely set aside by my nephews and niece for them.. ehehehe..

Would reorder to try other flavours since Dude and abah agreed to the taste.. but it is best eaten cool..

cut into cubes with toothpicks
20 layers of crepe

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