Monday, September 16, 2013

Working on Weekends

Bukan working sangatla pon.. its just that ofis kitorang jadi host untuk sukan kementerian.. memang the whole week totally arrange for sukan ni.. bahagian kitorang incharge of hadiah & cenderahati.. memang shopping spree la the whole week.. beli hadiah cabutan bertuah.. which is basikal boleh lipat and hampers..and also bonsai untuk cenderahati acara perasmian dan penutup..

These are couple of pictures of the events.. gambar-gambat ni semua campur-aduk.. no particular order..

mineral water for VVIP
hampers for VVIP bowling

bonsai for Minister for officiating the event

cenderahati for contingent
a view of the perbarisan
another view of the perbarisan
bonsai for deputy minister for the closing ceremony

It was a tiring weekend but a satisfying one.. as we are able to host an event for the whole ministry and I can say a successful event with little unavoidable hiccups here and there.. congrats JASians!!

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