Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Makan - Makan || Nando's, AEON AU2

Nando's just open a branch near our house.. so we got to try it..

mine with Fino side

The service was great.. all the waiters and waitresses was very nice.. but most of the side dishes were unavailable.. so we had to change from our usual.. Dude ordered fries and garlic bread while I tried their Fino sides (you can only choose 1 dish instead of 2 of the usual sides) the sweet potato mash.. ahahaha.. it tasted like inti karipap.. seriously.. macam tak masuk makan dengan ayam.. but it is suppose to be posh.. so not to order that next time.. heheheh..

Adam as always stick to his soup & bread..

Adam's soup and bread

G57, Ground Floor, AEON AU2 Shopping Centre. No. 6, Jalan 37/56, AU2 Taman Keramat 54200 KUALA LUMPUR  
Tel : 03 - 4251 0257 
Hours : 1000am - 1000pm (Sun - Thur) || 1000am - 1030pm (Fri - Sat) 
I Say   
Price : standard price for all Nando's.. heh 
Food : I always love their chicken over Kenny Rogers
Service : good.. one of the waiter was very helpful
Atmosphere : a normal restaurant but they need to install a good ventilation because whenever they are cooking the whole restaurant shrouded with smoke..  
Cleanliness : clean  
Parking : parking at the shopping complex parking space

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