Saturday, November 24, 2012

Makan - Makan || Serai @ Shaftsbury, Cyberjaya

On our mission searching for a nice place to eat.. Ended up in Cyberjaya.. Mr. AZ suggest to try the foods at his work place.. proud sangat dengan working place dier tu.. eheheh.. Tapi mostly eating place kat situ cafe macam O'Briens and Subway.. ada jugak Yati Ayam Percik and a couple more.. tapi we finally chose Serai because of good reviews for Serai at Empire..

Masuk je the restaurant like wow! full house!! luckily empty table for us.. ceruk la sikit but who cares? browsing through the menu and glancing to the other table.. we noticed that most of their customers ordered set meals.. so going on a different direction, we decided to try their ala carte menu.. ehehehe.. Ordered one dish consist of tom yum for soup, squid and fish for mail dish and asparagus for vege..

Service adalah sedikit slow sebab terasa lama betol before dapat drinks.. I ordered Minted Calamansi Soda while the others ordered watermelon juice, apple juice and coke.. 

my minted calamansi soda

our drinks

After something like about another 20 minutes baru our order came.. tapi just the Deep Fried Salty Egg Squid (standard portion) and Asparagus Belacan (standard portion).. tapi sadly the food dah sejuk.. the squid would be much better if was served hot.. then our rice came.. sebab dah lapar and didn't expect that the other dish would be long behind.. kitorang pon apa lagi.. membantai laa.. 1/2 of the squid and asparagus barulah tom yum seafood served.. hmmm.. i've had a better tom yum.. even the isi sikit.. then we waited and waited somemore for our deep fried fish.. terpaksa stop makan if not nasi habis by the time the fish came..lepas dah tak sabar tunggu we asked the waiter, only to be informed that it would be much longer sebab banyak order.. boleh?? baru nak bagitau?? kalau tak tanya tadi? tunggu sampai petang ke? then we change the order sebab nasik banyak lagi and lauk lain dah habis.. change to lemon chicken.. which the waiter promise to be ready in 10 minutes.. hahahah.. 10 minutes la sangat.. we almost gave up and nak balik dah.. baru la the chicken datang and it was serve hot.. and naseb baik the chicken was very delicious..crispy chicken with lemony sauce.. yumms!! tapi tak cukup untuk men'cover' other downside of our experience..

deep fried salty egg squid
asparagus belacan
tom yum seafood
lemon chicken

Before going off, we decided to try their dessert which received a lot of good reviews.. especially the pavlova.. and through to the reviews.. memang sedap! not too sweet just enough creamy taste.. double yumms!! 

By the time our bill came we were quite shock by the numbers.. tapi takpela for the sake of trying a new place.. atleast we can say that we've tasted Serai.. But maybe it would take us longer time to be coming here again.. sorry!

When I go through our bill at the office only I realised that the waiter served us with a large portion lemon chicken.. and I remembered that he didn't ask us on the portion during the order change.. urrgghhh..

Serai @ Shaftsbury, Cyberjaya

P3A 16 & 17, Shaftsbury Square, Persiaran Multimedia 6, CYBERJAYA
Tel : 03 - 83226717

I Say
Price : Expensive to pay RM 160 for food that you can get a way better tasting elsewhere..
Food : We were not satisfied with the food.. It can taste better and can be improve.. But we love the pavlova and the lemon chicken..
Service : service can be improve..
Atmosphere : nice atmosphere.. a high end cafe perhaps?
Cleanliness : clean..
Parking : parking infront of the building or at the parking block at the back of the shop

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