Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lunch Outing with the Director

Our director will be signing end of the month.. we've planned a farewell session for her at the office.. But as an intimate gesture and since some of us won't be available for that session, we hosted a lunch somewhere out of the office for her.. it is voluntary because we have to pay for our plus the director's meal..After discussing, almost 80% of the division members joined in..

The place chosen was Nyonya Valley Restaurant in Cyberjaya.. why Nyonya Valley? Some of us had our lunch there some time before the Ramadhan month (would blog about this later) and it was a perfect place for that kind of session..We did the booking and ordering a day before the session..

On the day, I was among the earliest there to check on everything..

the directors' arrival
one for the album

Everything went smoothly.. the food was marvelous (and everybody agrees).. the service was good.. no complaint.. we were all satisfied customer..

mango chicken

assam fish

enoki musroom


deepfried tofu

my plate of lunch

dessert - rojak buah
enjoying their dessert

the bosses table

the boys table

the girls table

The director even gave a couple of her wisdom words.. she even express her appreciation and thanked us for the support given to her and the lunch.. of course!

a perfect picture of us

Ok.. this picture of me I must share.. verrryy funnay! in an attempt to take wefie, Dude called.. and I have to either answer or reject his call.. I guess I just can just have a quick hello-bye.. look at everybody is laughing..

final wefie from us at Nyonya Valley

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