Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ladies Day Out || WondermamaX Cafe, Avenue K


Made arrangements with my bestfriends to meet up somewhere in KL for a brunch.. Its been ages since we met..  Since ramai have other matters, only a couple of us can join the brunch.. where?

the place was WondermamaX in Avenue K.. why Avenue K? easy access.. since semua malas nak drive into the city during weekends.. LRT is the best way.. Adam as usual, jadi my bodyguard.. memang suka sangat dapat naik LRT..


Once entered, you were brought back to your childhood.. my family would always frequented a typical chinese kopitiam in our hometown.. sebab the owner is mom's ex-classmate.. tapi ordered from her drinks je la.. makan ada this uncle (who happens to be my dad's friend) yang jual kueytiaw goreng & laksa buyung.. ooohhhh.. nyummsss..

Ok..ok.. back to the reality.. cafe ni almost like that laa.. tapi I love the colourful louvres separating the kitchen.. semua deco memang antique.. siap pakai acuan kuih untuk table number..


The food mostly fusion.. since me and Adam had a heavy breakfast.. kitorang order appertiser jek.. yang best about the food serving.. everything is so dulu-dulu.. teringat meal time masa tadika.. pakai plates yg besi colourful tu.. yang ni lebih kurang laa. tapi die pakai kole untuk serve drinks..

beef nachos

the nachos sedap dimakan kalau sekali 2-2 sauce.. if you have it with either 1 macam ada kurang sikit.. but the sauce memang banyak.. either that or Adam asyik bantai makan nachos kosong..

durian crepe & icecream
 this one memang I was looking forward to have.. sangat-sangat banyak good review.. memang excited habis masa order.. masa dapat pon unsur gedik terkeluar jugak.. but once I dig into it.. I was dissapointed.. the crepe macam liat sket so macam x sedap dimakan.. walaupon I must say the icecream sedap.. duriam pon macam tak banyak sangat to name that dessert a durian dessert..

mango smoothies
I guess this is nice because my friend's kid kept quiet all through the meet up sipping his smoothie..

ice kacang with icecream
this I would comment much.. what more can you say about ice kacang? with ice cream summore?

couldn't remember whats this.. but I remember it was goooooood...

pasta ala cabonara
nampak portion macam sikit.. tapi even kitorang share pon boleh sampai tahap nak memaksa bagi habis..

black spider fried rice
Ahahaha.. dengar macam scary je.. tapi sedap.. somemore the crunchy soft shell crab tu buat lagi sedap.. portion besar jugak..

muka-muka yang kenyang dan happy
 After that kitorang sambung pulak jalan-jalan around Avenue K.. takda cari apa pon.. just walking around lepak-lpeak with old friends..

Apa-apa pon.. it was a nice meet up.. kena buat selalu laa.. de-stressing session..

WondermamaX Cafe @ Avenue K
G6, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 03 - 2161 2589
Hours : 1000am - 1000pm

I Say

Price : Affordable. the normal cafe price
Food : quite ok but can be much better. need some improvement
Service : good
Atmosphere : a good place to meet and hang out with friends
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : parking at the shopping mall parking area but i would suggest to take the LRT. much much better

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