Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stick to this one

Actually dah try banyak skincare regimes.. yang separa mahal ada.. yang murah pon ada.. tang sangat mahal belom berani try lagi.. but still my dry skin problem still there.. with staying indoors most of the time.. indoor means air-conditioned environment.. that doesn't help..

Not until my friend introduces her own brand of skincare.. there's a skin soap.. moisturiser.. and the best thing, she have lots of types of it.. 

In the soap range.. she have lavender, tea tree, neem and ricemilk.. moisturiser pulak ada rosehip, ricemilk, almond, argan, apricot kernel and lots more..

The miracle thing of using her skincare.. my skin dah takda kering lagi.. sikit pon tak.. stay 24 hours dalam aicond  pon maintain je.. skarang I used her lavender skin soap and rosehip moisturiser.. pakai tu jer.. Best.. I give all my thumbs an up sign!!

Nak try or nak tau lagi pasal her product boleh visit her fb page.. Kadang-kadang dia ada promotion buy 1 free 1.. 

lavender skin soap (front view)
lavender skin soap (back view)
rosehip moisturiser

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