Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How Do You Take Your Coffee

Haritu terjumpa thius poster while browsing through some pages.. Terus teringat one incident suatu masa dulu.. lunch with couple of friends.. this particular friend kononya taknak order cold drink sebab tengah batuk.. instead of ordering tea, dia order coffee.. dengan ceteknya ilmu masa tu terus order a cup yang paling murah.. paling murah is espresso..

Bila order sampai, punyala terkejut sbb cup kecik sangat.. ekekeke.. and the coffee sangat pekat.. after that I a little reading.. and baru tau.. espresso is pati coffee.. sebab tu pekat and pahit.. some people like it that way.. so for everybody's consumption.. I share with you guys a poster on what to order according to your liking.. actually the list is longer but these are the common ones..

[from google]

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