Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Allergy Test

Brought Adam to paeds for his allergy test.. He's supposed to go through the test ages ago.. there's always other things to do when I planned to bring him for the test..

Since, he's free from any fever and cough free.. So, I brought him to paed for his allergy test.. Decided on testing him with 9 samples..

After waiting for 30 minutes after the sample pricking, some of the sample shows reactions..

The doctor said Adam has quite a lot of things that he's allergic to.. such as 3 types of dust mites,  food mites, shrimp, a little bit with egg whites and egg yolk but the paed cannot decide whether he's allergic to cow's milk or not..

So, there you have.. the 1st round of Adam's allergies.. and oh yes.. he refuses to wash the ink and kept on showing to people his allergy test..

0 minute
minute 30

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