Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wedding || Zira & Adam

A wedding reception of Dude's colleague.. An evening reception at the groom's family house.. this is a invite only reception.. and Dude was given an invitation with a plus 1.. No luck of bringing Adam along.. He was truly disapointed.. because surprisingly.. he loves weddings! I guess he loves more of the food part.. not the whole ceremony thingy..

Luckily Adam was not there.. the ceremony started late.. Adam won't last long.. And it was a warm night.. By the end of the reception, I just couldn't care less about how I look anymore.. The food by Felda D'Saji.. I can already guess on the menu..   

The downside of hosting a sit-in reception dinner at home is you couldn't cater the entertainment to all the guests because of the seating arrangements.. Our table was the ones that missed all the entertainment especially the videos from the whole family to the bride & groom..

We were among the first ones to leave the reception once they ended.. We had a long way back home.. somemore somebody is waiting for us very impatiently.. ehehehe..

the reception
our table

our menu

with one of his colleague
us with the couple

"Zira & Adam.. Congratulations on your union.. May you live happily till the end of time "

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