Sunday, May 3, 2015

Teluk Intan, Perak || Day 1

This year's Labour Day Dude decided to go for a road trip to the northern part of the peninsular.. It was decided Teluk Intan together with one of his brother and MIL.. I love road trip where we can just explore unique places.. this is when that we discover new places to eat and things to do..

Its really an early morning out because we had to pick MIL somewhere in Bangi and then head up north to BIL's meet up point.. since we head out early, I only managed to make sure that Adam and Dude had their breakfast.. By the time we reached the RnR, it was already late in the morning and I was really hungry.. but the food court was still not fully operational.. It had only a cold nasi lemak bungkus, maggi in cup and titbits..

I just had to have something heavy.. so I ordered a maggi.. BIL arrived just as I was finishing my maggi.. Then we continue with our journey to Teluk Intan.. 

All the way kereta banyak.. up to a point standstill.. Terpaksa pit stop for lunch somewhere.. tak ingat dah kat mane.. there were no other food other than nasi ayam.. it seems that everybody stopped there for lunch and the restaurant owner did not anticipate the crowd.. but the food was okay.. can do lah..

The journey continues with traffic jam all the way to Teluk Intan.. Luckily Dude managed to booked a hotel room for us.. eventhough hotel rumah kedai.. Yang terpaksa memanjat tangga 3 floor up.. dengan bag dan segala.. Better than nothing.. it seems that hotels in Teluk Intan is fully occupied.. Wonder why?

After freshen up, kitorang jalan-jalan round the town area.. and there right in the middle of it tersergamlah leaning tower of Malaysia.. Menara Condong Teluk Intan.. and around the area ada pasar malam.. Another traffic jam..


 BIL made an arrangement to have dinner somewhere dekat jeti nelayan.. the favourites are udang galah.. Tak ingat he ordered berape kilo tapi seriously banyaak! kire sampai nak termuntah lah makan udang.. tapi berjaya jugak habiskan.. Malam tu jugak marked Adam makan nasik lemak sampai 3 bungkus!! dahla pedas.. siap mintak lagi after the 3rd one..

lala masak halia, sotong goreng tepung & udang masak cili
udang sweet sour

udang masak cili

Lepas tu terus balik hotel and went to LalaLand within seconds after letak kepala atas bantal.. tapi rupa2nya ada orang OT malam tu.. Jeng jeng jeng..

somebody with his new train set

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